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The Little Social are social enterprise cafés powered by Youth Projects brewing the finest espresso and serving nutritious food across Melbourne. Our cafes exist to empower young people to lead meaningful lives through hands-on skills development and mentoring from industry experts.

Young people have a platform at The Little Social to build their self-confidence, gain key employability skills, and genuine work experience in a supportive and judgment-free environment. 

Our People

Our changemakers are committed to creating real social change with every purchase.

Our team share their skills and knowledge with the future generation and have the skills to help create a unique and socially conscious experience behind every purchase at The Little Social. Our team’s talent, expertise and passion for coffee and food emulate through every product. We bring in people that have social justice in their blood, live and breathe café culture and know what it takes to change the world. Our people get it.

Community is a big part of who we are and why we exist, hence our commitment to local alliances. Everything on our menu is sourced as locally as possible (helping to reduce our carbon footprint too!) We used locally sourced and sustainable products, and ensure our suppliers’ values are strong, their product is local, and their business is kind.

All of our cafes use 100% recyclable and compostable packaging for all of our takeaway items thanks to our friends at BioPak. All of our coffee cups? Yep, recyclable. Our takeaway salad bowls? Tear them down and throw them into your worm farm once you have finished. We are committed to minimising and reducing the amount of food waste, tree-based paper and nasty plastics going back into the environment. Our cafes offer eco-friendly alternatives and we encourage all of our customers to bring their own reusable vessels.